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CCD & Wingmom Create Partnership

Apr 9, 2020

CCD is excited to announce that we have partnered with local business, Wingmom, to provide a pre-planned Pre-K age curriculum packet for local families that need it!

Wingmom's Pre-K curriculum packets include an entertaining and balanced curriculum in various focus areas that is sure to keep your little one engaged all week long!!

This collaborative partnership will ensure that any family who is now home with young children (the age group without online school work to do) will have access to this curriculum that can be sent by PDF, downloaded, and printed for FREE.

For families that do not have access to a computer or printer, we plan to offer a limited number of printed copies of this resource through our relationship with New Castle Insurance, LTD. We will also be providing this resource to a handful of local pre-k school or daycare programs for additional means of distribution.

If anyone wants to recommend their child(ren)'s school and/or daycare as a potential partner, please leave a comment with the school's name to this post!

Thank you to our community partners for helping make this possible!! 👏💙

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