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CCD Christmas Outreach 2020

Jan 4, 2021

CCD team successfully fundraised $3,549.79!!

From Thanksgiving through the New Year, with the help and support from our #CCDcares friends and family, our CCD team successfully fundraised $3,549.79!! In addition to this amazing financial support, we also received donations in the way of Chromebooks (huge thank you to NERDiT NOW), food, clothes, hygiene products, winter jackets, winter boots, and a brand new beach cruiser bicycle!

With all of this wonderful support, we have been able to: adopt 10 local families in need and provide them with toys, clothes, household goods, and food; help purchase 30 meals for those in need on Christmas Eve; donate toys and recreational equipment to the New Castle PAL (pictured on the left); donate laptops to local youth in need; drop off food and household goods to local entry level recovery homes (special thank you to Phoenix Used Clothing for their partnership and collaboration); sponsor a community food distribution: and make 50 blessing bags for the homeless.

We couldn’t have done any of this without the support from people in our community who care as much as we do, so thank you for helping us live up to our mission this past holiday season. We look forward to helping more families during the 2021 Holiday Season!!

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