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CCD Update: TAK Summer Youth Camp

Apr 24, 2020

In light of COVID-19, Community Collaboration of DE is waiving the $50 registration fee for the TAK Summer Youth Camp, sponsored by atTAcK Addiction.

This youth camp, designed for 8-12 year old youths who have had a direct impact from the disease of addiction, will be held at Harvest Christian Academy (Lancaster Avenue) in Wilmington, DE. 

According to a report written by Brittany Horn and published by the Delaware News Journal on November 19th, 2019, the state of DE now ranks fifth in the U.S. for children affected by opioid addiction, with approximately 41 children per 1,000 kids in DE being affected in some way by opioid addiction. The leadership behind the TAK Summer Youth Camp believe this article exemplifies the need for structured programs that aim to help DE youth navigate the difficult journey addiction creates for the family members of those suffering from this terrible disease. 

Our overarching goal for this summer camp initiative is to provide a cost effective ($50/week) program that can service approximately 100 DE youth. Throughout the summer, youth will be offered various enrichment activities, such as drug prevention, financial literacy, arts and crafts, team brain games, youth mentoring, as well as anti-bullying and safe online training. Camp activities and field trips will include experiences that involve: education, social development, and recreation.  

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